Travel agent “Travelers” will introduce you the best deals on travel and tours in Japan.


Business content

  • Create a trip
  • Arrangement of transportation services such as buses and aircraft
  • Arrangement of accommodation services such as hotels
  • Dispatch of assistant
  • Coupon ticketing such as admission ticket of sightseeing spot


Create a travel plan

We will create a plan to meet the needs of customers who want to visit, the scenery they want to see, the specialties they want to eat.

Transportation, arrangement of accommodation service

Aircraft to the destination, JR. Local buses and taxis. We will arrange all hotel accommodation. From large buses used by groups to business hotels used for business trips, we can arrange services to meet various needs.

… for groups

Purchasing admission tickets that take time when you go to sightseeing spots in groups. This can be issued as a coupon in advance. If you wish, tour operators can be dispatched, which eliminates the hassle of hotel procedures.

Travel agency

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Street address:5-1-16 Minami7-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Hokkaido governor registration travel business  No. 3-770
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