Vortex Real Estate Consulting responds to various needs with various proposals. Vortex works with many real estate agencies and house makers that have business partnerships, and makes an optimal proposal according to your request.


Business content

Real estate consulting and intermediary business

We will consult on various issues related to real estate, such as effective utilization, acquisition, management and management of real estate. We use the real estate professional knowledge, experience and know-how to support the best choice for our customers. In the brokerage business, we will make the best proposal based on the ability to collect information through networks for the needs of sellers and buyers. From contract to after-sales follow-up, we will do real-estate transactions with high satisfaction from customer perspective.


Real estate development and planning

From selection of business site to commercialization, we cooperate with operation partners as professionals in planning and development of commercial real estate with various business methods, and help to enhance the business value of customers.


Acquisition, ownership, management, and recovery of profitable properties (renovation, renovation, conversion)

We acquire profit real estate such as one building profit apartment, office building, parking lot, and perform renovation and conversion of building, and reproduce as property meeting needs of the times and maximize value of real property.


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Company name: Vortex Corporation